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Big Picture for Everyone.


Civilization DNA

Understand the world!

There's something very valuable that few people are talking about: we could call this our civilization's DNA. Can we make it a public good?

more infoTo explain what I mean, there is a recent example of knowledge transfer from the West to the East, where the entirety of not just supply chains, but the manufacturing processes coded in the particular machine sets were transferred, by making them understood by people, and the knowledge re-encoded in other people's neural networks to remember how to do stuff: how to assemble and operate machines to extract natural resources and run economy from own currency to own data at all levels including communication protocols.

Can we make this knowledge -- this know-how -- become a public good, so that every community and even individual is empowered by it, so that everyone can effortlessly get to know how to make the latest equipment, similar to how each human cell has the entire genome (DNA) of its organism to make proteins, which is not a commercial secret to any cell (they all have blueprints of the entire civilization -- the organism)? Moreover, can we make building of such "civilization DNA" be a matter of collaborative open source development, and complete, so it that describes value expression across all industry verticals from raw chemical elements and energy to everything what we value?

We think that we can, and are building a community to do that!

more infoBut to do that, one person is not enough: we are building a forward-thinking community of passionate people and organizations to do it together, by creating an example of a fully functioning independent economy, and you’re invited to join one!

A place to live!

Run a Unique Economy Together!

This is Infinity -- a community, where we live and support the realization of our personal goals for making the world a better place for all (not just our community).

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It works a little bit like a virtual country, supporting activities of its citizens, except, we assume, that every member has their own ideas for the world, that need to be discussed, understood, and supported if they make sense.

A place to think!

Research and Engineer Cooperation!

The Infinity is a purposeful community: we are here to research and engineer ways for rational global economic and political cooperation, in order to help the world collectively define and pursue goals.

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This site itself is a platform, that aims to be a prototype of design for a software to enable any other community to run a potentially independent self-sustainable, and yet understandable and easily integrable economy.

Research Transparent Autonomous Systems!

It is an experiment, in trying to discover the minimal set of elements that are necessary and sufficient to run a self-determined community, with its own economy and politics. We are looking for minimal database model for that.

more infoTo support all activities, and integrating with opertions of all relevant equipments with everyone's freedoms to share details about their operations for community credit, that works like money (making it an open source sovereign economic system software, allowing for any community of manufacturers and consumers to form self-governance and monetary system, that can seamlessly interoperate with the economy of other sovereign systems, because of common ontology for defining economic communities). You can think of this community, as a digital version of "Global Village Construction Set" (which is an initiative to provide a minimal set of open source industrial machines that are necessary and sufficient to run a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts). However, in our case, we are looking for minimal database model that is necessary and sufficient to create an independent and rational economy and politics, and we have created one based on the equation model (described in the model section).

Place to have fun!

Fund innovations together!

This community has originated from the relentless minds of innovators, wanting to create positive impact for the world, through introducing new (0 ⇢ 1) and scaling already existing (1 ⇢ oo) innovations. Therefore, we have a way for projects to create shares as if they are their products, and sell them to fund their operations, in a manner that resembles how companies get funded via getting listed in stock markets.

Create credit and debt together!

The community has a way to register mutual contributions, what works like a central bank with our own currency and humanity's natural measure of value!

Note: the relationship between "currency" and "measure of value", is like that of "rope" and "meter" -- so that expressions like "How many hours of dollars?" actually make sense.


For fun, meaning and value.

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Quite often, people don't see the connection of what they do with the grand scheme of things. To have this connection and associated sense of meaning and purpose, we need integrability of the systems, to be able to measure impacts. We plan to achieve all of that through the model that follows below.

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Yes, it's about superintelligence.

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