Zero to Infinity

Accelerating the Rate of Innovation Actualization

Event Base Administration

This marks the start of our community blog, and serves as a welcome post to all, as we embark on our journey towards the visions for the future. Let the Universe's journey from Nothing to Everything, or %%\mathit{0} \rightarrow \infty%% be inspirational.

The purpose of this community is to collect great questions, ideas, projects, and related details about them, to make it easier for people to discover and participate in interesting ones, and to help inventors to put them into action at scale with minimal effort of their own. Too many ideas had not reached their potential because of the disconnect between inventors and business. There are great ideas that have been conceived 20 or 30 years ago, could have been realized and contributed immensely to humanity's progress, but are not realized even today, simply because there was nobody who had seriously cared about getting them to get them implemented. What we aim here, is to get the journeys from conception to mass production ("zero to infinity") much easier, more transparent, educational, fair and fun for all.

Imagine that we -- the members of this base -- are the individuals that come from the other worlds, and we just found Earth with its diverse life, and decided to make friends with the ecosystem, building the "Homebase 1". Where we'll go next, bringing the diversities we find along as we're in the search for Universe's secrets to uncover, is the other galaxies: we've got a blink of an eye in the geologic timescales to upgrade our technologies to reach information escape velocities for each of us.

Our mission is to explore the universe for goals, ideas, projects... planets, stars, galaxies... and let the diverse types of discovered life along the way to reach their full positive potentials.

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I think of the this system as that system: