A place for relax, fun, opinionated discussions and work. This very project is here on Homebase.


  • Q: How and why this place?

    A: Having goals (=categories) leads to ideas, which in turn leads to plans (=projects), at least in theory.

  • Q: How is this gamified?

    A: Currently, only the [Projects] are gamified with the total P&L score is displayed on projects that have contributions. The hope is to make them cashflow-positive, self-sustaining, and achieve scale.

  • Q: How is this built?

    A: Written with vi, simple Django on Python, and a Bootstrap CSS template. No JavaScript is required.

  • Q: How come I see content in other languages?

    A: People are free here to write content in any language, and are not required to provide the version of current interface language.

    You can provide versions of your content in other languages like so:

    Inline: .:en:Hello, World.:cn:你好,世界!


    Hello, World
    Labas, Pasauli

    The language switcher forces to return the chosen language version, if available, and to default to the first among the specified versions otherwise.

    When providing translations, it is recommended to order them to keep the version with greatest accuracy to the best of your confidence at the top, and provide translations only in those cases, when robotic translations fail miserably. One-click machine-translation to UI language is on the way.

  • Q: Is this project itself -- a virtual company?

    A: Yes and No. The currently associated project page on the system itself is this, and we have an Irish non-profit (WeFindX Foundation CLG) registered to care of this project, where we have a bank account. However, the system itself is not ready for automated tracking of transactions just yet (very soon will).

  • Q: If I publish on this site, how do I protect my rights to idea?

    A: If you want to protect your copyrights, you may want to leave your real name (or better: cryptographic signature) in the text, and save a copy of the page with it on, or some other widely-known reliable record keeping system, like some blockchain of your choice. Those can be helpful for proving your oringality and authorship in a court of law.

  • Q: I have come up with a great idea, shared it, and someone made it into a project, and has great profits, but I get nothing. What to do?

    A: We are aware of this issue. While we'll do the best to keep track of contributions, and parenthood relationships, it is best to talk to the authors of the product that used your ideas about it. At some point, we'll come up with our law, that will ensure that the idea authors do get fair share. However, for now, you have to make your own efforts of patenting things with those legal systems that have power to enforce patents, we do not yet have such power, and protection comes at a price. We consider inviting some patent offices to provide their services over the Homebase, and hopefully that will soon resolve this issue.