Trade is care

What looks like simple economic trade, has elements of care and social love.

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Look at pretty much any human operations, you'll see many humans wearing or using things produced by other humans: clothes, watches, earphones, tables, computers, pans, beds, etc. etc. You start realizing the significance of this collaboration on the moments of high risk missions -- when people have to depend on mission-critical equipment devised and made by others -- you see a person doing or talking something important, and you realize that those headphones, or that camera, or that network, etc., is enabling the very existence of this or that important mission, and that through trade, while indirectly, all those other people in the economy have come together to advance those positive outcomes that we see. Trade relationships are not so dissimilar from caring and even love relationships, especially, when products in the supply chain are made with care for the others in it.

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Totally agree.

One of my hero's in design is Viktor Papanek. The originator (I think) of the concept of "empathy" in design.

Also in industrial design, there is the part "need" which is interpreted as market research nowadays which in my opinion not representative of accurate need information, because consumerism was creating so much "needs" that are umm over pumped by advertisement.

So a proper canon would re-assessed.

But human is in trans-war now, so how do we know the truth of our evolution? Noosphere Vs. the VR

One is power the other is addiction. Or so...