Organizations as Tools

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What we found on Earth, is a variety of organizations, made of people, that know how to operate equipment and tools to get things realized. The organizations were tied with monetary systems, made up of economic communities, running their currencies, forming a global economy.

We decided, that while tools exist, and we could train our people to use them, it will be much more efficient to build a system that allows people to do it themselves: register operations (like transactions) of operators (like tools), and teach the world's other people to do similar operations as well, that way, accelerating the expression (realization) of the ideas, because, in a nutshell, as "tools-based education" idea speaks, it is through tools in the hands (and minds) of the billions, is how we can make true progress. For example, what separates someone from having no car prototype to having a working car prototype -- is the materials and tools with human time.

Thinking, where and how are tools for making things distributed on Earth, and how our community members can get access to them to work towards important ideas, is essential. What's even more essential, is figuring out, who's passionate to work and on what, because --- getting the tools for those who're passionate to work on something can be as easy as presenting a vision, and asking for help.

When it comes to me myself, and our community members, we probably won't have too much time for side projects, but will focus on making this place a great place to be. If I will have more time, I'll want to work on these other 2-3 ideas: HiveCell, MediBooth, XMaze, focusing on finding and organizing organizations (see: organizations as tools) to help.

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