Introducing the 0oo Sites

The Club and the Parties


We may soon be infamous for having many names (remember,,.. and now While there are many things happening here at the HomeBase, we continue to explore new ways of presenting ourselves to different people.

For example, even the domain as culturally-neutral as has difficulties to pronounce to some people, for example, Japanese language has no letter "l", and a name like 無限.もえ (i.e., "Infinite Sprouting") may be much easier to tell and memorize.

On the other hand, we explore new ways to introduce the pattern of economy that we are trying to create. Recently, realizing that makers who prototype and bring products to markets may be one of the most suitable audiences here, we came to think how to advertise the HomeBase as a virtual maker-space, and came up with an English name HalfMakery, that would communicate the idea of projects prototyping products. While without major changes to the content and how the system works, we want to style it differently to appeal to the makers that work on new products.

Applying the convenience of Django Sites Framework thus, from now on, we are introducing "The 0oo Sites" (i.e., "Infinity Styled-Mirror Sites") on other domains, starting with the first two new domains:

  • -- maker-focused brand, design and feel.
  • -- Japan sister site.

Think of these sites, like parties in the "0oo club". The site remains the main one, the message notifications on Telegram and other channels will come from it, however, the styles, content arrangement and some static content on the sister sites will change to better serve the different audiences.

You can find all sites on the "Sites" section at the footer.

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