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How to learn new information and include it into life?

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I love learning, but topics I'm interested in exist in multiple places (online and offline). Typically I start a few books, courses, experiments at once; some end up in compost, others continue, deepen or branch out. But I'd like to see my learning journey and also make more time in my days to synthesise.

So, how can I map my learning journey? So that I include learning into my routine, and see where I am now, where I am going, where I need help?

What is a flexible structure,that can help me document what I already know, new concepts and definitions I'm adding, seeing gaps?

Another question: I realise that lifelong learning is project-based. But with not all of my interests I have a project (but I'd like to have one, so that I deepen my understanding in that domain). So how can I move my curiosity into a learning project? Say, I'm learning about fungi now, starting with a book and forest walks, how could I turn it into a learning project?

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