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Artifcial Blood

How to create artificial blood?

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A large number of IDC (international disease classification) could be made irrelevant, if we could create artificial blood, because having BCIs (brain-computer interfaces), it suffices to "recycle" (absorb metabolytes and enrich with nutrients, and antibodies) the blood to survive, the most difficult of which is the "enrich with antibodies" part, as it needs a large number of organs:

  • bone marrow
  • 4-5 of 7 parts of the endocrine system (thymus, pancreas, adrenal glands, genitals, and possibly thyroid)
  • other things?

It's not trivial to clone our organs and assemble them to create blood supply. Due to some constraints in cloning (ethics and inability to clone organism without cloning head, though, Zika virus almost gets us there), this remains a problem, and we have to search for other ways.

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What seems practically doable, is experimenting with model organisms, say, trying to use blood of a frog to power a lizard, and see how feasible it is to prevent immune reactions by selectively filtering out certain proteins, like unwanted antibodies.