Rewarding and tracking good

Why is the only unit of measurement money? Why are we not measuring love or good done?

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Our world tracks money as a measurement. But doesn't track good or love directly.

I am looking for ideas on how to track and account for this

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Good problem and a question. I'd say, because humanity seem to value universality (liquidity, as a form of freedom to exchange anything to anything) more than love... or at least, universality of exchange has proven to more pragmatically usefully than love per se.

That said, I was also searching for a unit that accounts for love, and what I found is "time-well-spent" as currency, that anyone can mine through doing it (by spending time well, and registering that via some information system made to mine such "hours-well-spent as currency")... At least that's what I thought could be a rational basis for Infinity economy.