Preventing New Epidemics

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In the first quarter of 2020, new types of pneumonia begin to spread globally.

Hopefully we can learn a lesson from this. How can we prevent the emergence of the next new type of epidemic? How to prevent it from spreading?

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First-Aid Kits that everyone have at home and in cars could include a mask and antibacterial liquid. Small additional, but essential.

// I wanted to talk to you about covid-19. do you think the right measures are taken? [Alina]

Regarding Regarding COVID-19, I think, there may be insufficient or inadequate measures regarding superspreaders — people who love to meet people, travel a lot — mostly business people, who don't even wear masks in meetings, just because it's more convenient not to.

Those who meet 10x more people than normal people (say, because they are frequent flyers, conference attenders and so on), have also this tendency to desire more freedom in form of convenience, and direct facial rapport (cause maybe reading faces and hanging out is part of their business, and wearing a mask would be stigmatizing, having a good health insurance and coverage, they may think they can afford to risk getting infected).

Whatever the reason, those who have to meet 10x more people, need to have 10x greater protection measures, to prevent superspreaders from activating. What 10x measures would be? If 1x is just putting on the mask in conferences, then 10x probably suspending non-essential travels, and moving meetings to on-line and telepresence.

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