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Multiple Bank Accounts on One Phone

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Multiple bank account users like an individual with several business accounts cannot use online banking anymore. Because banks force consumers to tie a phone number with a bank account through a bank mobile app. One phone allows one login to the same banking app though.

Problem questions are: 1. How to have multiple bank accounts from the same bank on one phone? 2. What alternative solutions could banks implement for identifying consumers securely in a user-friendly way?

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Since this is something tied to app development itself, it is something that we'd ideally support at the app development frameworks level. And, probably it's better to support it not at the app level, but at the browser profile level, or phone user level, and allow very easy switching between users, or even -- allowing to be logged in with multiple users to the same phone at the same time, to get all pertinent information. Cause, now every app developer is reinventing the solution to this on their own at the app level --- Google has one way, Telegram has another way, etc. Mobile banks being often less tech-savy, don't implement it at all.