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Propagation of coronavirus COVID-19

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[Open source ventilator] ( can be 3D printed.


[Long article by Tomas Pueyo (English)] ( wrote a prediction of the spread of crown virus in the next year based on some models And human coping strategies.

[This is the Chinese text translated by Fan Jiaming] ( Coronavirus-Iron Hammer and Dance-2eb996f3efc0).

Main point: "It's actually simple: effective detection, effective tracking, travel bans, effective quarantine and quarantine."

Tomas Pueyo的长文(英语)写了根据一些模型预测的未来1年半新冠病毒传播和人类应对策略。 这是范家銘翻译的中文文本。 要点:“其實很簡單:有效的檢測、有效的追蹤、旅行禁令、有效的隔離與檢疫。”