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When we are recovering from an illness, usually, there is a day or so of rapid improvement -- when instead of suffering in bed, we start wanting to engage in productive activities. But then, the rapid rate of improvement stops, and we bump into just "normal" health level. We start engaging in activities we couldn't while being sick, but now eager to, but there's some limit, the improvement stops, when we hit "normal."

Imagine for a moment, that, while recovering from sickness, this period of rapid improvement didn't stop, but instead, kept going: you'd feel 2x more healthy than normal, 3x, ... 10x? What would it be like to feel 100x more healthy? What activities you might want to engage in? This is what we could call "Extreme Health," and I think it's exemplified in the movie "Limitless".

How to achieve extreme health? How to ensure health equality, as some people obviously naturally feel much more healthy than others, enabling them to think more and better.

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// first, drugs that can make people "healthy"

Yes, it requires much more than just "drugs" -- modeling a part of metabolism, and measuring the rates of information and material flows via various metabolic pathways.

// second, how to suppress the side effects of this drug.

Right. I have no answer to "how" here. We can discuss here if it is generally desired, and, if we have ideas or answers, we have the "+[idea]" button. :)

Limitless's inspiration is: first, drugs that can make people "healthy"; second, how to suppress the side effects of this drug.


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