Truly personal computation

Bill Gates wanted to put a desktop computer into every home

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I want to do some thing similar: I want everyone to use their computers to their full potential.

I want my CPU to be at 100% CPU trying to find solutions to my problems.

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Centrally planned economy.

It's so complicated and it involves infinite regress. So you would need a hill climbing algorithm and you need to avoid local optimum and find global Optimums.

You do this if I do that. But you would react to me doing this in reaction to that.

Economics is complicated and people are complicated. What if we could capture some information and compute on it. The model must match reality and I suspect finding a model would be difficult and it might be a solution for neural networks - finding the function over which the economy works.

Yeah, there seem to be more compute power these days than good ideas how to use it. The dreamers of 1969 knew what would they have used the extra compute power: what physics equations would they try to solve, what simulations would they have wanted to run. The people of 1999 had SETI@HOME. The people of 2020, however are somehow OK with that under-use of compute, keeping computers cool.

So, yeah, it would be nice to have the CPUs doing something useful all the time. What could that be?