Work is authoritarian

How to structure work so it is not authoritarian

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I'm tired of being told how to do something at work.

The problem is that work is invevitably authoritarian and I want freedom over the method of my work.

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agree on [Mindey]'s point about communication. authority comes from fear. trust i the opposite. trust is developed through communication.

[chronological], this is a cultural question.

Look out for organisations who use a decentralised approach for their management, e.g. Holocracy.

Or, a freelancer lifestyle that is all about self-organisation.

Chains of command are like that. If you're not on a ship, the direction of which you believe in, with the leadership that you trust, it is very hard to align one's interests or do as told.

The way to break the chain of command is usually communicational: i.e., you talk to the superiors, with the interest in "the direction of the ship", and make them aware that there are better ways of doing things, and understand the reasons for the ways that the things are currently done, then making them confident in giving you the green light to go with that new innovative solution ('Mission").

On the other hand, the people with true passion for innovation and creativity are not a very good match for support of legacy systems, and are a much better match for novel systems, which is the kind of work that's often found in fields of art, research and startups, rather than established organizations with a legacy social role.