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How do we bring people toward Infinity family?

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We need members to use Infinity family to create a buzzing marketplace.

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I feel the more vibrations spin within the core circle, the energies and resonance created will pull like-minded or "like-eyed" peops in...

my 2 cents...

thats as a forum...

As a marketplace... I hope to come back and write ideas... as I love marketplace thinkings... exchange, transactions, value creation, value sharing... sustainability, "growing" as a verb...

I can see the value in collaborative data platform for Infinity family. I myself want P2P data storage APIs or platforms. If God wills it I wilt spend some time working on this problem.

I kind of see half bakery as a talking platform for ideas that aren't completely serious. But there are good ideas on there. But there's no real agreement on how to take ideas further and keep the talking of the ideas going.

Committees are dangerous to ideas as they cause dilution of any one member's influence and try to solve many individuals tastes and preferences at once. But the outcome of these committees and working groups and RFCs is the Internet Standards and various internet protocols. Whereas other APIs protocols platforms are one man efforts such as Bit Torrent and Bitcoin.

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I completely agree with you Ruta.

I enjoy talking of ideas and thoughts until I get comfortable and have faith in the idea enough to work on it.

I believe social creation of things is the future. The future could be so amazing with enough people using Infinity family.

I might fit more into the "Curious Commentators" group of your typology more than the other groups at this time due to health problems. But I am sure if the right idea came along I would be capable of adding to the project or starting the project. I feel I hast yet to enter in an in depth talk on a subject how things would or should work and I am eager to hear other people's thoughts and feelings

I was thinking that to me Infinity family is feature complete even past the MVP stage as it is used to develop itself.

We need University projects and community and social enterprises and startups using Infinity family to track things for their geographic region and hackerspaces.

I think a Reddit post on /r/side projects and Product Hunt, Kickstarter should be places to launch Infinity family.

But all these requires a lot of effort to create the original proposal. Product Hunt expects a high quality information page documenting the product. Kickstarter requires administration tasks.

Good call [chronological]! To me it seems that Infinity is for a certain type of people who love spending hours of their day simply to think, read, comment, write. For example:

Non-Linear Thinkers: People who enjoy thinking about multiple interests, exploring various topics, reading books, bookmarking, collecting notes and writing thoughts down like researchers, bloggers, journalists.

Curious Commentators: People who enjoy reading about various topics and sharing comments and insights, like blog commentators, LinkedIn commentators, Reddit commentators, etc.

Accounting-Loving Doers: People who love documenting their creative efforts, perhaps people interested in lifelogging, quantified self, open project management, perhaps people who use Wikipedia, librariars, project and product managers, etc.

I'm saying this because I invited some friends to Infinity Family but they don't use it :) So I realise they probably don't have such a hobby to spend hours thinking and organising thinking.

Then based on my design work I realised that every technology is for a certain type of people who enjoy certain behaviours, and in Infinity Family case this behaviour seems to be thinking and writing first.

So, where do we find those thinkers first? Let's explore and invite ;)

Perhaps by making it a collaborative data project? I've noticed that many impact-focused organizations tend to use spreadsheets to organize their data and hierarchies, which is -- mostly Google Sheets, or Airtable. I had made synchronization of data of Infinity with Google Sheets and Airtable. However, I have paused the synchronization after until I set up message-broker to avoid them slowing down the site's operation. Additionally, I think, instead of Google Sheets and Airtable, it would be good to use open source BaseRow for collaboration on data. I think, making Infinity into a collaborative data project is essential for making it useful for bringing more tech-savvy people and organizations together to the Infinity Family. Accomodating users with the ability to connect data sources (like crawls and API integrations) to this shared data pool of items to reason with, are among the things needed for Infinity to reach relevance, like Wikipedia had. I think of Infinity has "Wikipedia for Doing" of sorts.

// buzzing marketplace.

Among the value propositions to newcomers may be, that there's a bunch of regulars (like invention evaluators), who give constructive critique to new questions, ideas. I think, that can begin to realized using dedicated Telegram channels, and bringing the interested parties: should we invite employees of patent offices? :)