Questioning the reality of time amidst current TRANSITIONS, is time Obsolete?

Are "hours" valid for currency? do hours have their own currencies?

YAML Interest

so when someone says "time-economy" what does that mean?

That an hour or 2 from are the same and equal as an hour or 2 from anyone else?

what is the transaction exactly? Is TIME, quantifiable?

We need PROOF that time is UN-QUANTIFYABLE. NEW variables, NEW times/time configurations.


Then what defines movements?

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Outside time we have only now. Time doesn't exist it's an illusion it simultaneously exists spiritually and doesn't exist. You can be inside or outside of time.

Every event occurs with a subject and is relative to every other involvee. You can witness things in reverse order if you move towards an event due to some things being nearer to you and others being further away.

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