Work aggregation and work pattern matching

Everyday 7 billion people do something in their average day. Someone needs to decide what these people do and some of it is intellectual and some is physical. Why isn't customer service perfect? Surely there is enough people to do the work. Why can't I phone government or my bank and my problems be resolved instantly over the phone. There must be a system that everyone could use that allows the work that each person does to satisfy the needs of multiple people. I propose work items are created and matched to others that have similar patterns. We could combine jobs and information together so that someone on the way somewhere also does other tasks that help others that have similar problems. If I am doing some work on a computer, this work must match patterns of someone else's work on the computer.

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There's 7 billion people. We need a proportion of people doing physical work and a proportion doing information or intellectual work. Surely information work is the same for everybody.

If you need a resource you go into a research process, then a buying process then a payment process. This is true for the average citizen that needs to buy groceries and those that buy materials for their company.

If you need to do something with a computer you need something to look like something such as a GUI or a document or a CV. Or you need the computer to calculate something or arrange something in a certain way. Or you need to optimize something and schedule it.

These problems could be solved by the same platform! You could solve data layout problem with a renderer similar to a browser. The browser stack is so complicated. CSS and JavaScript and HTML. It requires a lot of developer hours to get something working right.

Those people designing the same websites again and again ecommerce must be a solved problem.

If buying decisions could be represented by a computer then someone's intellectual effort could in theory drive other people's purchasing decisions.

I need weekly groceries and gas and electricity and internet connection and food. I also need work to earn money to pay for these things.

Rather than repeat this process why not get someone to decide what needs buying once and repeat this process for everyone that needs that work done?

Work matching aggregates work together and presents work to people. When they complete the work they actually competed the work beyond More than it appears they actually completed an aggregated piece of work.

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I posted this idea to halfbakery

Some work and some aggregations -

Someone needs to change their address as they are moving out to a new location.

There are thousands of people that this is true for every day.

These could all be changed in one transaction.

Someone receives a list of those addresses that are changing and approves the change.

Someone needs an internet connection or a product. There is two numbers that need to be compared. The range of prices in the market £23-37 and the customers budget £30. Then a maximisation or minimisation process which is a customer preference for matching to a supplier.

When someone is doing information work with spreadsheets and web browsing and data entry there needs to be a detection of a pattern. Such as detecting the iterating through a spreadsheet. Or iterating down a list of items on a web page list. This is like macro recording in IDEs, vim and notepad++.

If you can detect the pattern of work and match it to other users you could automate it. And detect similar work by other people.