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Dream browser

What should a browser provide? What APIs should be provided?

YAML Interest

I am curious what you all think a browser should provide. Maybe we can design a layout engine that does everything you want.

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Some things I want from a browser -

  • Peer 2 peer storage such as with CRDT as in dat protocol or IPFS

  • SQL APIs

  • Sync and remote storage APIs like S3

  • Virtual DOM and two way binding

  • Server component similar to Opera Unite

  • Efficient desktop widgets that can lazily support trillions of items automatically

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Oh, this has to have a long list of things. for one:

  • Ability to browse other protocols than https , as described in the Internet Browser idea. (e.g., postgres://, mongodb://, ftp://, etc., should be browsable naturally and directly from browser, rendered for humans.)
  • Ability to natively browse API protocols on top of http, like graphql:///, rest:///, etc.
  • Ability to natively read mail (SMTP, IMAP, etc. support, as much as others want people to go through rest API, what's wrong with these protocols?)
  • Ability to go on IRC, oh, just like in good old days. SeaMonkey browser had an irc:// integrated.
  • Calendar standards... why should we have 3rd party host our calendars? I think, Evolution mail client has that feature. However, it could perfectly be the role of browser to support the capability to browse mail.

These capabilities to access different kind of protocols through intuitive UIs, could be provided by making JavaScript UI libraries part of browser cache, so, something like npm install would work within browser, and the JavaScript developers would not have to bring their JavaScript with their web apps, it would save a lot of bandwidth, and would make CDNs almost obsolete. Widget libraries (i.e., SnappyWidgets), could be part of that too.

Just a few of thoughts.