Inter-Ontological Concepts for Inter-App Synchronization

How to avoid reinventing app models and ontology concepts, and reuse existing work on them across software ecosystems and ontologies?

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Nearly every app developer reinvents their database models, and every ontology builder reinvents concepts (models). How to avoid having to reinvent them and reuse existing work across software ecosystems?

There are many independent projects focusing on providing a well-supported, standard models for Django ecosystem, Odoo ecosystem, Drupal ecosystem, Wordpress ecosystem, etc., that extend base system with a few new new database models: install a module, and you get a few database tables, that implement a functionality. This went as far as people taking one model, and making high-scale cloud service, or P2P protocol, but that's besides the point.

When it comes to data sharing across the systems, regardless of the communication protocols (HTTP, sockets, etc.) and the style we choose to serialize the data (RPC, Rest API, GraphQL API, other custom JSON/XML/YAML/...), the fields and metadata about those fields in the public interfaces should stay the same, so that we could easily exchange data across applications.

So, how to go about creating inter-APP standard models, and inter-Ontology standard concepts?

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Could we start with parsing all ontologies in LOV, and writing a script to find the sets of shared concepts across ontologies?

Could we go with parsing all public software repositories in known frameworks, to find definitions of their database models in them, and make the sets of shared database models across applications?