The Predicament of Having Nothing or society is terrible

To survive, you need money, to get money you need to provide services to others or provide value, to provide value you need money, to get a job you need to provide value, nobody pays you before you work a month, for things to be easier for you, someone else needs to do work on your behalf, every man carries his own burden, nobody is willing to extend a debt to someone else unless they're rewarded for it, Life is difficult if you have nothing.

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How can we resolve this impossible state of affairs?

How do we derisk DOING things?

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Elon Musk: "People are nicer than you think, give people more credit". Definition of "trust" is mathematically equivalent to definition of "expected value" -- i.e., we give credit (as money) as trust, when we expect that what others will do with it, will be in line with our expectations (expected values)... To make more people realize that it would be the case, more efficient information exchange systems are needed... There's a saying "great minds think alike"... Perhaps brightening people's minds would help.