Human block hotel

There is an affordable housing shortage. Imagine a crane and a building that is filled with capsules for human sleeping, when you want to go to sleep, you get into an empty capsule and the door closes and then you are picked up by the crane and put onto a pile of capsules. When you want to get out, you press a button and the crane moves boxes around to get you out. People at the bottom wait longer to get out but they do get out eventually. There would be emergency failsafes too, in case you get stuck.

YAML Interest

If you have a building that is filled with capsules that are enough space to sleep in, you can fill a regular house with these capsules, the crane needs space to work.

This is a bit like the automated car parks and shipping containers that Chinese ports use but applied for accommodation.

The accommodation would have a shared bathroom and lounge.

You can sleep extremely cheaply as nobody would want to sleep in this kind of shelter.

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