A Need for New Kind of Relationships

Why Do We Need A New Kind of Relationships?

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Having had little luck in finding wife that would share interests, I was not lucky in combining my sexual desires with productive desires. I wanted to experience the happiness and pleasure because of realizing ambitious original ideas together, but I didn't find wife with same interests. Rather, I found girls more than happy to reproduce just biologically, without much other co-creative aspirations.

In the evolution of life, sexual attraction had lead people to successful reproduction. Where this attraction was 'incorrect' (such as in the cases of homosexuality), the reproduction was not successful. However, these days productivity in terms of realizing new ideas is of equal or greater importance than the productivity in terms of biological reproduction. Important ideas can improve our lives much more than common biological reproduction.

However, except for imagination, there is no readily available biological reward mechanism (such as orgasm), which would attract people to work together on those ideas and other types of products the way they work on bringing up children.

Considering the importance of realization of new ideas in the modern world, it could be reasonable to partly repurposed the mechanism of sexual attraction for successful production in other areas, not just the biological reproduction. For example, it could be acceptable for people to flirt, openly/directly exchange the excitement about each other's attractiveness while talking about the ideas that want to realize and the practical aspects of realizing it, each other's potential satisfaction about the possible impact, and the meaning of being coauthors together. For instance, such partners could say "It's so so, so sweet, and it's a big thing -- if this works out, the result will be significant, and I deeply meaningful, something what we'll cherish for long time to come." While working together on-line, using space sharing technology, the people could be treating each other as a significant other, by using the words and phrases that are normally restricted to lovers, and sometimes stimulating each other by mysteries of each other's minds, possibly exchanging virtual hugs and kisses, and showing care and responsibility. Realizing the creative ideas, the persons could be left with the feeling of kindness to each other, similar to the feeling having had brought up a kid.

To some people, this may seem to conflict with traditional single-partner relationships. However, there are reasons to believe that these kind of relationships could coexist peacefully with traditional relationships. One such reason is that it doesn't conflict with resources necessary to bring up a child (this is unlike the sexual unloyalty, which may result in a child conceived together with another party, and thus has a potential to deprive the original partner of the resources to bring up the child, which is probably why we tend to despise adultery). In the light that this new type of relationships do not strongly compete for resources, and has a potential to create achievements that will benefit everyone, could - on the contrary - be desired.

Today, the most realistic way how everyone can engage in such new kind of relationships, is by explaining it to everyone, -- friends, spouses, parents, etc., and let them know about the true nature of our new significant relationships.

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