Benefitting everybody as much as possible

How can we benefit everybody as much as possible? Shouldn't our aim in society to benefit everybody?

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Why don't we focus on benefitting eachother?

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How can we benefit everybody as much as possible?

I really don't know. But this is a very important topic (to me) that I love to discuss. The answer might depend on how we define the word "benefit". Well being? in a long-term view or short-sighted monetary/comfort sense?

Shouldn't our aim in society to benefit everybody?

I'm with you. 100%. But in order for something to last, it shouldn't be the main focus but something that comes as a side-effect (emergence?). And, this is just my opinion.

Some questions can't be answered easily. And, some can't be, at all (not from a defeatist mindset, but seeing right in the eyes of something that seems unanswerable, gives me pure joy!). To me, keeping these questions in mind while going through our life is the key. One can always find a reason to do/not-do. If you ask me, it's the question of well being and intelligence. Well being of an individual or everyone? If you see deep enough, there exists no individual without others and vice versa. To be more direct: we're embedded in our environment and focusing on one's own (depends on how greedy (in RL/CS sense) you are) life is just being short-sighted.

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I think this might be a bad aim for individuals. For example, suppose I have a child. If I were to aim to benefit everybody, then I would have to neglect my child. I think that maximizing (benefiting everybody as much as possible) also might not be a good aim: we need rest and leisure, time to ourselves, in order not to burn out.

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