Cataloguing Mathematical Models

How would we go about creating a referencible repository of mathematical models?

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Mathematical formulas used for science are a world-modeling tool useful in imagining and decision making. However, entering formula is different in each CAS software systems (like Maple, Mathematica, SageMath, Sympy, Maxima, R, GeoGebra, etc.), meaning that every time we want to use a function or equation in context of another CAS system, we have to manually enter or rewrite the same formula in other syntactic rules, which is attention+time-consuming. It's like having one address, and looking it up on each different geographical maps application manually. It has to be automated. Geographers, in the development of Wikipedia, had solved this via a straightforward script, called GeoHack script, that gives a list of links to open geographic coordinates in a set of different map providers. Can we have something like coordinates for mathematical formulae?

Number theorists have catalogued the integer sequences by building "The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences" -, so today, we can say "Positive Integers" is the ID: A000027, or "Non-negative integers" is the ID: A005843, and so on.

However, in the rest of mathematics, physics, chemistry and lifesciences this isn't the case. While we have repositories of genomes with each gene ID, there seem to be no IDs for the important relationships like "Taylor's expansion", "Ohm's Law", "Bayes theorem", "Combined gas law", "Pythagora's theorem", "Relativistic rocket equation" or pretty much any other important relationship, there's no ID or a coordinates for that formula.

Do you know any systematic index or map of mathematical models online?

What such map should be? Link to any ideas and projects about creating such an map.

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