Computation for normal people

What do normal people need to compute?

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We have extremely powerful computers available nowadays but not the code to run on them.

What algorithms, mathematical concepts would benefit normal people's lives?

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I'd like to feed all my data into a machine. All my skills, talents, abilities, personal demographics. Have the computer whizz on various opportunities for me based on my skills. The data could be community submitted. I call it advice engine.

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Right... Since computers are good at storing and sifting through lots of data, the only thing we humans need from them, is discovering, collecting, weighting, and sorting opportunities with respect to world's things, regarding the desired futures ;)

Where are those perfectly matched: friends, partners, projects, products (services), work and help opportunities, that optimize value of our time?

I think, specific low level algorithms are already mostly there, and the main question is in scaling the higher level of their organization, data and computing resource sharing: anyone can run a closed silo to answer some important questions for fees, but transcending silos with deeper public resources is challenging.