Why is it that international companies are allowed to avoid competition but individuals are forced to compete globally?

How do we replace competition for individuals with cooperation and maximum mutual gain

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The answer is to create organisations that people can be member of that can represent that person.

The world is NOT zero sum. Or at least doesn't have to be.

We can make the world better.

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[chronological], yeah, this is mostly true for remote work, and happening because of communication and transportation technologies... and for that, membership-based organization could be a solution, yes. For example, I'm thinking that we could make the Infinity into an organization that financially supports its members, just because they are members. Think of it like "tax" just in reverse, or a bit like "welfare systems."

For example, countries have enough resources to provide all of the citizens with pretty good health coverage, but why should it stop with health -- what about food, and transportation, and so on. Body cells are given blood for granted, to function, but people are somehow made to die or struggle in competition like bacteria or viruses, which I think is quite inhumane. It's perhaps the most unethical side of capitalism, and obviously, it works -- bacteria get new traits evolved. However, I think there was another topic for that.