Effortless Thinking

How might we navigate an ocean of information with a peace in mind?

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I often hear from friends about 'information overload', 'too much', 'busy'. It seems that a modern life is giving many options but it's hard to make decisions everyday. The mind is overloaded and it gets harder to choose important areas to focus on.

Here I wonder if "Chunking" - video 1, video 2 - can help with information overload? Chunking means grouping thoughts together through meaning, so that memory works better.

I use o2oo system similarly by creating "chunks" when I share a puzzle, idea or experiment. In my mind, I label a group of thoughts into "Here is a Puzzle about a Topic X" and then I go on with my day without thinking about it. I come back when a thought pops up. I share it as a comment and move on with my day, without feeling overwhelm.

In general the way I apply chunking is, in my mind, I group tasks into areas, relationships into projects or over-arching visions; also I link projects together so that they feed into each other (by working on one project, benefits the other), I love connecting people into "hubs" too, so that they help each other with a minimum effort approach, and so on.

I wonder, how do you think? What do you think about Chunking? Do you use it? Or are you new to this mental model, if so, are you going to experiment with it? :) What's missing in "Chunking" so that more people apply it and join the collective dance?

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