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What kind of values and social norms would exist in our collective dream?

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Can humanity imagine a set of values and social norms that express wellbeing for all? What would these values be?

As a community of dreamers, what do we value and how do we want to interact with each other, so that individually we realise our potential and collectively we create a whole bigger than its parts (our individualities)?

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How might we set our individual values, so that together we can see overlaps? And consciously live by those values as a community.

What values would be general enough to express caring for the individual and the collective?

I'm thinking about interdependence. We can stay in our bubble, but discoveries are revealed when we move outside our imaginary boundaries and our bubbles spark butterflies (synergy).

RE values, how about interdependence, letting go of self for wholeness? Or how might a safety bubble for one's development exist together with a sense of wholeness of everything? Love is probably that force towards unity.

I think it's worth pointing out that this is a very pragmatic question -- without having a set of values, a community cannot have ethical norms for interaction, and without it, a community may have no sense of safety, which is something wanted in many cases, but not all.

For example, there is a reason for anarchist ideology, that values emergent rather than designed phenomena. However, everyone knows the efficiency of mathematics, the choice of 10 axioms for which were not random.

Similarly, I think, there can exist an structure for cooperation, that is pragmatically useful. However, to explore the full spectrum of what's possible, we should have different value-sets explored. It is no surprise that we have different countries with different law, based on different traditions, that represent experiments with different values, that arose as emergent phenomena, but became formalized as social norms and rules, because those communities that discovered them, cherished them, or thought of them as important to that extent.

You may think with the emergence of global Internet, the global norms might also emerge, however, the various life forms continue to exist, even with the emergence of homo sapiens: there are those life forms that thrive in swarms around the forests and flowers, and there are those that thrive in solitude deep at the ocean floors, social norms are irrelevant to them, they need not to know that they can live, because of environmental policies were put in place, just like we must let some of people to be able to live in the dream-world "The Matrix" without knowing of the base reality or external world.

Dream worlds, I just can point to my old thoughts posted here: mindey.com/world.pdf, and updated views here.

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