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Rational Drugs Regulation

How to make unhealthy drugs like alcohol, tabacco, etc. be banned for ingestion, and the healthy smart drugs, like piracetam, phenibut, etc. be made legal?

YAML [edit]

Countries are irrationally legalizing harmful substances like alcohol, tabacco, cannabis vaping, etc., and banning the safe and beneficial substances like piracetam, phenibut, etc. This doesn't make sense.

We need ideas how to make the beneficial substances legal, and banning the actually harmful substances for human intake (but of course, making them legal for other harmless purposes, like for example, alcohol for disinfection, the use in well-controlled conditions, etc.).

Ideas, such as how to make the manufacturers of these beneficial substances push for the changes of law in various countries that banned them without truly understanding them, just because of someone's incompetent recommendations.

Child categories: Choosing Nootropics.

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