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Stress Reduced

How to reduce stress among workers and learners?

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We live in society where people have to do jobs and follow procedures run by managers. Quite often managers lack empathy, communication skills and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and so they cause their subordinates stress.

The situation is similar in some schools and universities which don't have teachers and professors with high EQ, empathy and communication skills.

Remember a time when you were starting out with your career. Have you ever worked in a corporate environment at a young age? If you haven't, listen to a story of Joan. She just started her first job at a multinational organisation. Her main focus right now is to successfully go through a performance review, achieve her KPIs and get a salary increase. Joan doesn't have the polished skills just yet, but she is eager to learn. Her manager follows the procedures and KPI plans, and keeps demanding better results. When Joan cannot accomplish a task, she cannot say "I don't know" because she is scared to fail at her performance review. Fear causes stress and manifests as headaches, lack of appetite, anxiety, work/life imbalance, emotional breakthrough, low self-esteem.

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