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Hierarchical society

In my country the UK and countries like Dubai, the native population has wealth but does not work hard jobs. Instead, immigrants are imported to do the job.

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A hierarchical society has an underclass that does the hard work and gets paid peanuts (that means barely anything) to do the essential labour we rely on.

In the UK it is Eastern European drivers, coffee shop workers, builders that share accomodation 5 to a house.

I think this model of having someone permanently at the bottom of society is wrong.

Another problem is that workers are alienated from their work. That is, a restaurant worker cannot afford to eat at the restaurant where he works because his pay is a fraction of the prices there. This is wrong.

It means one cannot afford the means of his own production!

In Rome it was the plebs and the citizens..the plebs did all the work.

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I hate wage slavery. I shouldn't have to justify my life by working in a prison cell to make someone else rich.

Of course it's wrong. It's slavory. Fat rich people exploit sick and uneducated underclass. No one is happy

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