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Business Startup Procedure

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Starting a business involves so much learning and administration in various areas, regardless of the focus of the business itself.

For people that want to manage a business or oversee the building of a project/company etc., but don't want to get into the legal, accounting, administrative stuff, it can be a nightmare or at least a huge, lengthy hassle.

Business mentors are at hand but all they can do is help problem solve and give advice - very useful for when you actually run into problems but they don't do the legal/accounting/admin work for you.

Likewise, you can hire an accountant, go visit a lawyer and consult with a marketing genius. Again, though, you still have to do a lot of the paperwork and worrying. Also, hiring might not be financially possible in the early stages of the business. Furthermore, this is a fragmented approach.

What if a person wants to run a business based on their own ideas - direct it, so to speak - but the startup side of it is too convoluted and tricky for the person to feel comfortable with? S/he might be excellent at innovating, at managing, at executing, but they might not 'get' the legal etc. aspects and might be bogged down by this stuff, which in turn distracts them from what they're good at / enjoy doing.

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