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Infinity family has a number of software engineers as members. We need to communicate what we need from eachother so we can build upon each others work. But it would be nice to put together things that people want so maybe a following of people can build them

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What would be cool and useful - making a UI sketch on Figma and it appears on one of Infinity websites.

Having a different user interface for a different Infinity website would help more people benefit from the system - some Infinity websites could work as innovation forums, while others as online schools, freelancer marketplaces, open R&D labs, etc.

I use WordPress with Elementor (and Woocommerce) for client work, and I love the idea of how one technology can look so different depending on needs. It would be cool and useful if Infinity heads this direction - "customise the look and features based on needs"

    : Mindey
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I want something that unlocks the databases around the world and makes the information cross referencable or searchable.

Unfortunately every REST API is slightly different and doesn't provide a standardised sorting mechanism or query mechanism.

I want GUIs frameworks to auto paginate - I want to point a GUI at a trillion records and have it scale seamlessly loading only what can be displayed or perused by a human at human scale. It would keep only what needs to be in memory in memory. And cache as needed.

I want general purpose object editor that can be used for file management, ideas, categories, projects, bank accounts, bill of materials, shopping, task management, business etc.

Everyone's self-hosting protocols for sharing purposeful (1) thinking, (2) making, (3) sharing (trading).

Protocols that make it easy for systems and people to mutually understand and cooperate.

The (1), (2), (3) are rather abstract things, each of them would imply elaboration on them.

This site's software itself is an attempt to explore what's required for this to work, and, perhaps decentralized datasets on a user-seeded database. On the other hand, I'm also quite excited about the "metadrive" -- or software that just makes it easy to drive and cooperate driving of all systems, which would basically be a "universal peer" that can talk in all protocols, because the web is already decentralized, it's just that systems are not sufficiently interoperable.

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Time banking, project management, tasking, ui/ux builder

Time banking, project management, tasking, ui/ux builder

    : Ruta
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