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So, decimal time has been in literature for quite a while, and, as a kid, I have also come up with exactly the same version, which seem to be some kind of natural convergence of people liking to think in decimal. What do you think of us adopting such time for internal purposes here at Infinity family:


- 1 year = 10 months
- 1 week = 10 days
- 1 day = 10 hours
- 1 hour = 100 minutes
- 1 minute = 100 seconds

Starting point:

- Years start at 1970 Jan 1, midnight
- (Begins like Unix time)

The starting point not based in cultural, but rather geological phenomenon (i.e., carbon-based life beginning to develop silicon-based life).

I've written a package for the conversion, here, and there are other implementations ([1], [2]).

The implication of this, however, is, that if 1 day has 10 hours, then 1 hour length will be 2.4 traditional hours, meaning, the value of 1 HUR would hold a new meaning, so, something like the decimal version of hour (dHUR ?) would have to be introduced, and we'd have to renormalize the currencies to it then.

There are arguments that traditional 12 months are useful due to lunar cycles connected with farming and the tradition of financial quarters, but that's about all the usefulness that would be lost. The gain is something that is easier to do calculations with, for example, 200 minutes = 2 hours, etc. 154814 seconds is 15 hours 48 minutes 14 seconds, or 1.54814 days etc. ;)

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"Carbon-based life began to develop into silicon-based life"-interesting~


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