Problems: Overpopulation.

Cookie cutter society



This idea is so that we avoid overpopulation, promote varied jobs.

Instead of having a busy central area with lots of people commuting to work, we have a model whereby each town has its own factory, office district.

It's capital intensive but ends up with a society that is happier because people have to commute only 15 minutes into town.

Every town has the same set of functions: train station office district factory district


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The development of small and medium cities can learn from the German model. Germany has a developed economy, but there are no particularly large cities, and the development of its different regions is very balanced.


I think education as a way of moderating population growth is sinister.

People are holding back having families due to their careers which are all or nothing jobs. That's not a future I like.

Personally I think education and country development is the key to overpopulation problem.


And I think we should have more ideas how to educate people faster.

I was thinking of freight trains between towns.

You have one town that specialises in making one kind of thing, or one element of the supply chain.

Then you have the next town along manufacture the next part or assemble what the previous town created.

Are there many manufacturing hubs not in China?

Usually manufacturing hubs are co-located for a reason: the simplification of supply chain. Now, if you make people not move, the things gotta move instead, and you're tasked with improving their logistics.

Perhaps some type of fast conveyor tubes transporting parts of equipment between cities could do it. It would be interesting to do some economic modelling on that.