Problems: Privacy.

Data Attestations


I assert and agree that this data may be used for business purposes


A machine readable way to prove that someone has given permission for data to be used by validating the attestation. An attestation is a permission with a date attached that states what agreement the data can be used for.

A corporation can use attestations to implement data cleaning - to delete the data that's no longer needed and to update it.


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It was more for personal information used for business purposes such as buying some thing online, my title, full name, address and bank details.

So, even if data is public, and provided with the intent to be public, its reuse in other places would be a matter of attestation? Isn't that how the creative commons works already, except, you mean, they don't have a machine-readable format, or, the current ways of specifying it are not sufficiently convenient and granular?

Would "Wikipedias" write themselves automatically, as self-summarizing web services, if all online data were covered by "attestations"? Perhaps it could be implemented by a microformat of some sort, or markup, providing infinitely granular reuse specifications, a bit like notesplit markup does with sharing specifications.