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A "Twitter" of Impactful Money Transfers


Make a twitter for sharing impactful transfers of money, and create a social phenomenon scaling up the impact investing and giving.


Transferring money is a form of speech, as well as control. While we have a twitter for primarily thoughts, it seems that there's nothing like it for transactions. A large volume of moneys go to satisfy the daily needs of world's people, and are not worthy of public attention, but some of that goes out as a form of transfers of trust for making a difference. So, for such significant transactions (think of them as a form of art) there would be a kind of "twitter", to share with the world what good you do through transfers of trust.

Impactful transactions already surface in public online, for example, the transactions of cryptocurrencies are nearly always open for public. Those sources could be used as initial data, and various money transferring actors may be gradually involved after that.


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