Templating Micro Communities


A social behaviour to connect people into a micro community


All humans can create micro communities to feel a sense of togetherness. Connecting people as a behaviour spreads, when it becomes a habit.

Community templating is based on these principles:

  • Synergy (whole is more than its parts)

  • Feedback loops (community is a process like a ping-pong)

  • Cross-pollination (diversity makes an interesting community)

  • Living systems (min number for a system is 4 = min number for a micro-community is 4)

  • Interdependence (create a micro-community of people who spark a micro-community of their own about other topics they are interested in)

How to embody this behaviour?

  • Bringing 4 or more people together into a group (Discord, Telegram or Zoom monthly call: "we are all interested in X topic, how about we explore this topic together?")

  • Connecting people 1:1 (sending an email to two people who have shared needs, projects or interests: "You both are interested in X topic, I thought you would like to get to know each other and share ideas")

  • Sharing resources (saying: "You mentioned that you are trying to do X, here's a resource that may help")

  • Giving feedback (saying: "From what I see/hear, it seems you're trying to do X")

  • Asking a question (saying: "How can I help you?")

  • Adding on top of the project (saying: "I looked into your project and created X")

These behaviours are practised on a micro level, like when having a chat with a friend, family member, a stranger met on social networking sites.


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Deniz mentioned to look at these Methods on how people can support each other in tiny groups:

Thinking, a popular advice on How to Create a Community says, map the desired community members and facilitate events for them. Not truth.

If a community is a system, parts don't matter, map interactions instead. That means asking, How Can Community X be linked to other Networks?

inspiration came from:

  • Buckminster Fuller's thinking on Synergetics (4 is a min number for a system = a micro community)

  • Symbiotic Earth movie (layers of systems within systems = our community is a mother for communities of our members)

  • Living Systems Philosophy

this idea aims to shape social behaviour of humans and spread a habit of creating micro-communities!

I feel there is synergy with the Unity app with this idea.

Call it a flash community feature.