Problems: Eliminating traffic.

Scheduled society


How everybody can get what they want and poverty can be avoided


Most human needs and jobs can be achieved by reducing human activities to the following list:

  • arrange X and Y
  • think about solving X
  • assemble X with Y
  • receive X food
  • receive Y water
  • take A to B
  • shelter at X for Y nights
  • travel to X

Now, give each of these activities a timestamp that they're valid at and charge for each of them and you have solved traffic and poverty by accelerating how many people you can serve. A restaurant can serve hundreds of people in one night by ensuring that each person arrives exactly at the time when their food is available. By making roads a market place, we can encourage people to make positive choices, if you want to travel at peak time, it will cost you more. If you want to eat at the restaurant when everyone else does, it will cost you more.

Government can pay restaurants to feed homeless people at times of the day where there is lower prices.


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