Problems: Freedom to fail.

Business Incubator



A business incubator with lots of funding that make it hard for its businesses to fail.

Could be crowdsourced and provides state of the art software technology to budding businesses.

The minimum business incubator must be state of the art to begin with and have Multitenanted Payroll, ERP, ecommerce.


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I think providing state of the art technology representative of a traditional digital transformation is the unique part of this idea.

    : Mindey
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Heh, the "projects" side of 0oo is actually aiming to be like one, though, getting bags of money is currently still an issue. However, given that we start sharing publicly about work progresses, and do some interesting projects in a public way, may be a reason for curious investors to flock. So, there is a pattern that's common among startups -- "sprints" and "iterations" rather than "solving issue tickets" (that's more common in established businesses). The sprints and iterations thingie needs periodic challenges, and results in between, so the potential investors can feel the rhythm (we can compute its characteristics for display as well).

On the other hand, the ideas side should probably be more like a patent office. Thinking to myself -- why not to partner with various patent offices globally, and discuss, how we could help the open innovators gain rights in future revenues, could easily discuss technical integrations.

However, in general, the idea of "Business Incubator" isn't new, so you should give it at least a more unique summary. ;)

    : Ruta
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