Vision for Odoo


A Universal node of the web for individuals and companies.

YAML Idea Non-public

Back in 2010, after my graduation, I learned Python in the summer, and wrote these two entries:

  • "I want software is intended for management of personal or family's assets, simplifying bookkeeping, and tracking of personal or family's performance, as well as helping to make trading decisions by simplifying data collection, access and analysis of various markets and resources, so that I could play my life like my favorite childhood game UFO Enemy Unknown."
  • "I realize that it is entirely possible to apply machine learning algorithms to automate increasingly many company decisions by analysis of data being collected in such systems, and that for individuals to stay relevant, we have to start working on our own systems to help us manage our own resources to succeed in life." (After getting my first job since university graduation, at OpenERP development company.)

Opportunities for Odoo

Gamifying Life

It was so fun to manage bases on UFO Enemy Unknown, resources, sell/buy and educate scientists, engineers, etc., go to missions to investigate aliens, etc. So we could have something like "GeoScape" in that game, and, try to reach the user experience that of a game. Projects could be missions.

When we work on projects, we could be working on the same project on each of our individual Odoo instance running on own servers, and then sync tasks and project data via something like a project hub.

P2P Seeding of data

Imagine Odoo, that enables multiple parties running independent Odoo instances to seed public data types in a similar way that KaZaA or eEmule, or BitTorrent does. This would enable global aggregation of truth. It is very important to think what content types should be publicly synced, but some of the most important for the public commons -- is world's goals, ideas and projects, as described here about its importance to future goal alignment of humanity. Odoo's standardized types make such thing viable through building specialized apps.

Be A decentralized Node of Metaverse

Over time, I had come up with other ideas, like Metaverse-like 3D Study Game, which resulted in a little protocol for creating mazes to study. An opportunity for Odoo here is, to extend the courses with maze JSON generator to enable organizations and individuals like teachers to provide parts of Metaverse.

Be Personal services integration point

I have been doing all kind of works, and whenever I write an automation with Python, I could essentially scale up and sell it as a service, by writing a module for Odoo.

Another idea was

, -- ideas on how an Open Source ERP could become essential for individuals to become relevant in the age of AI.


  • In fact we could use existing high availability spaces (hubs) for data synchronization center points, while working from our Odoo. For example:
    • Airtable
    • GitHub
    • Trello
    • ...

All of these things can be used for data synchronization between many Odoo instances.


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