Problems: Product: Mirror.

Temporal mirror


Reversed time mirror as a memory monument.


This mirror would be a computer program about the recorded history around a location. It would simulate time reflection, where time slice reflected (replayed) starts from a time negatively and scaled[ly] proportional to the distance to the mirror (so as to inject the long history into, say an interval of [0, 20] meters distance from the mirror, from which a person with normal vision would still be able to make out a meaningful view). Touching the mirror would reflect the present, and the closer you are, the more recent past would be displayed in it, but the further the you are, the older events would unfold in the earlier and earlier recorded history, and replayed in reverse frames order.

The mirror would sync up with the one particular viewer, whom it would identify, and display the past based on known past of the individual. If there would be no data about the long past, it would extrapolate it based on further details, like haplogroups, and the history known about them.

Presumably, the temporal you could also call them "memory mirrors." They could stand in various famous locations, where tourists, and people who want some immersion into the events of the location in relation to themselves, would gather.

People would come to such mirrors to look at the past, and also, simulations of their own selves as they were young, and the histories of the location mixed with the histories of their ancestors.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


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I believe that whatever would go on wilt go on.

[chronological] - would be more interesting, if that chronoscope would also allow to see events in the timelines of parallel universes. I think though, that had been explored in the movies. I remember an episode in Stargate SG-1. :)

As one goes away from the mirror, the speed of replay would be increasing, like in the the movie Time trap, but in reverse direction. Theoretically, if one would magically step through the temporal mirror, it should happen in the forward direction.

This reminds me of a short story of a device that can see any space and at any time that has passed.

It's by Isaac Asimov and it's called The Dead Past.

There's even a Wikipedia page of the idea.

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This could be made as a version of the city portals, realized in Vilnius. For example, the "time-mirror" could be active at certain times of a day or so.