Use DNA Nano-Robots to Recognize and Release Drugs



Design DNA nanobot shell with opening upon binding to a component of cancer cell, fill it with a drug, inject to organism.

As Ido Bachelet mentions during his talk in TEDMEDLive 2014 Jerusalem Center, we could use open source software to design robots, that self-assemble from short DNA sequences, which we can order from DNA synthesizing labs, and obtain by combining them in the specificied sequence.

The idea is to create biological locks that recognize cancer cells, and unlock the payloads upon coming in contact with cancer cells.

The technology is already developed for filling the payloads of nanobots with anti-cancer drugs, and actually creating the nanobot.

Reportedly (if I'm not mistaken), it takes about 1 month to develop a nanobot for a specific kind of cancer.


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