Problems: Safer world.

Transitive Pull model - impedence of work and profit


Every action of work should benefit the employer and by extension employees. How to algorithmically identify cost effective work tasks so everything a worker does pulls towards profit? I think this is an algorithmic problem. Effects of work can be represented as a graph of cause and effect. If you don't do administration or what causes your business to earn money, you go out of business. Work done is not priced unless you're a billable employee. Need some method valuing work and estimating compexity in terms of time used to calculate price


If you're a software company, your product is usually a cost centre and the sales is where profit is created. I want to remove this impedence. Every action an employee undertakes should directly benefit the company and themselves. How do determine this algorithmically?

You need some way of representing work and tracking it.

A price is an encapsulation of all what is needed to develop something that is worth paying for due to value add.

I want to move away from the cost cutting and profit seeking motive of businesses to a truly intellectual approach to running business.

Prices should reflect costs. If you had efficient business your prices would be representative of the amount of work you spend on each customer so you could have elastic pricing.


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