Object Models Search


A search engine, that works by composing classes and uploading object models, and can make things, if it doesn't find ones that already exist.


Searching and making are not that different: your search operation on a retail store is make operation for a manufacturer. There is a middlemen though: the design companies. So, imagine a search, where you can request objects be created, if they are not found, based on your object models.

So, how would this work?

  1. A distinction would be introduced, called "Object Instance" : "Object Class".
  2. Instead of just simple UI input field, the search engine would have a "Class constructing UI" (Class Builder), where he can enter properties of the class. For example, if you search a girlfriend with green eyes and blue skin, and many other characteristics you prefer, then you would be constructing an "Object Class" with these characteristics.
  3. The back-ends would be a database that indexes many markets where the various object classes exist, or are made.

For example, "Amazon" (or Tinder) is where final products hang out, and "MFG" (or "Schools" of thought) is where they may be made.

Traditionally, search engines went the road of massive text indexing. This search would, instead, focus on indexing warehouses, resource locations, and supply-chains as compiler for products, when warehouses have not.

This this "object-forming generative search" would be much more creative, and generate many trade and manufacturing orders, facilitating economic growth.

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