Problems: Computer errors.

Errors have resumable error codes


I was told how to get the Nth product on Stackoverflow, he also told me how to get the product number from a product! Which you must understand how useful that is. Error messages can be completely retried and resumed with this information. I only need to log or print out a special error code and the user can retry from where they left off!


Assuming you have a nested loop,

for letter in letters: for number in numbers: for symbol in symbols: print(letter + number + symbol)

If the code fails halfway through, you print out ERROR-letter-number-symbol. Then you use the following function to calculate the Nth position in the product list:

Link to the stackoverflow

def position(list_of_lists, tup): t = 1 res = 0 for lst, x in zip(reversed(list_of_lists), reversed(tup)): res += t * lst.index(x) t *= len(lst) return res

From this point we can resume the loop!


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