A bug: youtube player MUTE/UNMUTE order automatically when an AD streams suddenly to avoid hearing it!


A feature to turn on when you listen to a relaxing track that mutes adss


This financial transaction involves: 1 listener 2 advertiser 3 bug-makers (suggest more if you think there is)?

So ent.3 is taking away something that the advertiser paid for. They free too do so (are they?).. but to make it that the arrival to this market was first done by the advertiser for the bug-maker to even offer a solution..

So transactional type is: conditional in first arrival privilege UNTIL ent.3 outnumbers ent.2 by more than half. (Everything hypothetically)

So the deal is the bug maker sells it by the quantity for now. Every MUTE/UNMUTE cost is some fractions of a currency or more.

Is it possible to build this feature to begin with? Can the utube streaming system be hacked this way?


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