Emergency Non-cryo Head Preservation Device



A device that makes body-bypass neck vessel surgery quick and easy.

Human brain can survive very short period of time without oxygen, and survivals of prolonged deprivation of breathing generally result in permanent brain damages, which makes cryopreservation taking many minutes to refrigerate and freeze a human body unlikely to be successful.

Imagine a device, which anyone could have at home. The device would contain a scalpels necessary to cut through the neck to reach the arteries and veins passing from the body to the brain. Next, to avoid human errors of cuting the veins and arteries manually, there would be prepared clips engineered so that once you place a clip, it cuts through the vessel and creates a bypass via the machine's internal tubes. The machine would contain a handy pump that works to suck out the blood from the body into a container with specialized walls of very high surface area to let the oxygen in carbon dioxide out, and circulate the 5 liters of human's own blood dedicatedly through the brain. The sack would contain slowly diluting vitamins and sources of energy, and extra supplies that can be activated by squeezing extra little sacks full of nutrients attached to the container.

According to BiodigitalHuman.com, there are 4 main vessels:

  • 2 Common Carotid Arteries: "In human anatomy, the left and right common carotid arteries are arteries that supply the head and neck with oxygenated blood."

  • 2 Internal Jugular Veins: "The two internal jugular veins collect the blood from the brain, the superficial parts of the face and the neck."

This would hopefully let the brain survive until the arrival of the emergency, where the specialized life support for the head would be provided.


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