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Hands-Free Binoculars Mount to Back


Mega-Eyeglass frame-like mount for binoculars extending to the back to the belt, or to a counterweight backpack to free hands, and control viewing direction with movement of body.


Part of the joy of using binoculars is taken away by the need to hold them with hands. Raising hands above heart for longer times (which observation often requires) is also uncomfortable, as gravity pulls blood out of them. Weight balancers (like this) or tripods (even electronic) are not sufficient for full enjoyment either, because we still have to occupy hands to manipulate the direction (even if that's just joystick, we're not hands-free). The use of various assisting devices like this is a thought to the right direction, but cannot be used while lying back on a bed or grass, and just proves the need for something better. A VR-headset-driven motorized system may be a solution, if the screen resolution and latency reached the right levels, but will have its own shortcoming: when it comes to stargazing, your eyes would be interacting not with the same photons produced by the stars.

The idea is a kit that looks like antennae-tubes coming out from the back at the point of belt (where they are attached), and extending upwards parallel to the person's back, over shoulders and towards the head over the ears, and that work like literally heavy-duty eyeglass frame to strap the binoculars on, and aligned with ears, so that the distance from eyes to oculars remains constant.

Alternative version, that would offload the weight to a counterweight in the bag, would be an option too.

Enjoy hands-free gazing just by looking while standing or while laying back! :)


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